12 Best Deepnude Telegram Bots 2024: Top-Rated Tools 😱

Imagine the thrill of creating deepnude steamy images with the help of cutting-edge artificial intelligence. With the rise of AI technology, generating realistic nudes has become easier than ever before.

These bots are your secret partners in crafting the most alluring and lifelike nudes, all with a simple message on Telegram. Whether you're looking to spice up your digital experience or just curious about the capabilities of AI, we've handpicked the top performers that promise to deliver excitement right to your screen.

In the later sections of the article, we'll cover each and every important aspect of these telegram bots along with the features, the plans, the tech they use, and even the offers that they offer, if any. Well, that's a lot of babble, let's explore some of the top picks worth trying out!

Deepnude Telegram Bots: Revolutionizing Artistic Expression 

Artistic expression has always been a powerful medium for evoking emotions and challenging societal norms. In recent years, technology has become an integral part of the art world, pushing boundaries and redefining the creative landscape. One such technological innovation that has captured the attention of many is Deepnude Telegram Bots.

Deepnude Telegram Bots utilize advanced deep learning algorithms to generate realistic, yet fictional, nude images. While some may argue that such technology can be misused and exploited, there is a positive side to its existence.

First and foremost, Deepnude Telegram Bots provide artists with a revolutionary tool for exploring and pushing the boundaries of their creativity. Artists can now imagine fantastical worlds where nudity plays a central role, without relying on models or extensive photo manipulation. This allows them to delve deeper into complex themes and create thought-provoking pieces that challenge societal norms surrounding nudity and body image.

Moreover, these bots offer a safe space for individuals to explore their own self-expression. Many individuals struggle with body confidence and may find it empowering to envision themselves in a nude form. Deepnude Telegram Bots allow people to explore their own bodies and appreciate their unique beauty without any judgment or shame.

Additionally, these bots have the potential to foster inclusivity and representation in art. Traditionally marginalized bodies, such as those of individuals with disabilities or non-conforming gender identities, have often been underrepresented in mainstream art. These bots allow artists to amplify underrepresented voices and showcase the beauty and diversity of all bodies.

Get Ready to Explore the 12 Most Exciting Deepnude Telegram Bots

ToolKey Feature or Pricing Plan
Nudify.vipOffers a free plan with limited features and paid subscription plans starting from $5.99 for 90 credits
Candy AIOffers a unique platform for engaging with AI-driven virtual companions for immersive chats
Undress.ccLeverages AI technology to offer diverse image manipulation features and clothing alteration options.
SoulGenAllows users to generate deepnude images by typing a prompt and selecting the AI model.
Remove Clothes BotEasily accessible and simple to use.
DeepNude NowDesigned with simplicity, ensuring that anyone can use the service without prior experience.
Undress.loveWeb-based AI tool that offers the capability to undress images using advanced AI models.
ClothOffUsers can choose body types, ages, and other parameters to achieve the most realistic results.
Nudify.onlineFreemium app with customization options, allowing users to get more refined results according to preferences.
SmexyUtilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and process images, enabling users to create realistic nude versions
Seduced AIEmphasizes no tech skills or powerful hardware required to generate high-quality AI content.
Nubee AIUtilizes advanced AI algorithms to generate realistic nude images from non-explicit inputs

1. Nudify.vip


Nudify.vip is an AI-based platform that has gained significant attention for its unique feature, the “Deepnude Telegram Bot”. This bot uses advanced artificial intelligence to generate fake nude images from regular photos, sparking discussions and controversies due to ethical and privacy concerns. 

The Deepnude Telegram Bot of Nudify.vip operates primarily through Telegram, offering an immersive AI-powered experience. It uses advanced algorithms to transform images, providing users with a unique and innovative way to explore creative possibilities. Despite the controversies, the tool has gained interest due to its accuracy, ease of use, speed, and safety measures.

Pros and Cons of Nudify.vip

 High-quality image transformation.Limited image transformation types.
Ensures user privacy.Raises ethical, privacy concerns.

Nudify.vip Pricing

  • Nudify.vip's Basic Plan costs $11.99 monthly for medium-quality and faster image generations. 
  • The VIP Plan, at $20 per month, includes premium features and unlimited image editing.

2. Candy AI

Candy ai

One of the notable features of Candy AI is the Deepnude Telegram Bot. This bot, powered by AI, has the capability to generate nude deepfakes from regular images. Despite sparking significant discussions and controversies due to ethical and privacy concerns, the Deepnude Telegram Bot has gained interest due to its accuracy, ease of use, speed, and safety measures.

Candy AI is an innovative online chat application that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate interactive companions, known as AI Companions, for users to engage with. The platform allows users to create or choose from a variety of pre-made characters and engage in role-plays, stories, games, and even image and voice upload. 

Offers user-customizable AI companions.Limited character personalities.
 Provides immersive, personalized chats.Lacks voice chat feature.
Regularly updates with new content.Mobile app not available.
 Emphasizes user privacy.Lacks language translation capabilities.
 Supports various communication modes.Ethical and social implications.

Candy AI Pricing 

Candy AI offers both a free and paid premium version. The free version provides limited access to features and avatars, with slower response times.

The paid premium plans unlock additional features:

  • Monthly plan: $9.99/month after 70% discount (regular $19.99). Includes unlimited messages, ability to request images, 500 voice messages/month, and custom AI character creation.
  • Yearly plan: $69.99/year after discount (regular $239.88). Same features as monthly plan but at a lower yearly rate, ideal for regular long-term users.

3. Undress.cc


Undress.cc is an AI-powered deepfake Telegram bot that specializes in digitally removing clothing from images. It uses advanced deep-learning algorithms to produce realistic nude photos within seconds. 

The tool sparked debates due to its potential for misuse, while also providing a unique interface for users to interact with the undress AI technology. Key features highlighted include:

Deepnude Telegram Bot

The Undress.cc bot operates on the Telegram messaging platform. Users can send the bot photos which it digitally undresses using deepfake AI to generate fake nudes. The ease of use and accessibility has contributed to its popularity.

Realistic Image Generation  

The bot uses state-of-the-art deep learning techniques like generative adversarial networks (GANs) to produce highly realistic nude images that are difficult to distinguish from real photos. This level of image quality has impressed many users.

Provides high-quality images.Promotes objectification of women.
Uses encryption and strict security measures.Ethical concerns related to use.
User-friendly interface.High-quality results require significant processing power.
Free access to basic features.Older Android phones may be slow.
Supports Android and iOS.

Undress.cc Pricing

Undress.cc offers a freemium model with both free and paid options:

  • Free Plan: 10 credits to start, medium quality images. Additional credits can be earned by completing surveys or inviting friends.
  • Paid plans:
    • Basic: $5.49/month for 15 lifetime credits 
    • Standard: $16.99/month for 90-lifetime credits, high quality, no queue, body modification
    • Pro: $37.99/month for 600 lifetime credits, excellent quality, no queue, body and age modification, no watermark

The number of credits determines how many images you can process. More expensive plans offer higher-quality images, faster processing times, and additional features like body modification.



SoulGen also operates on the popular messaging app Telegram, utilizes advanced AI algorithms to generate artificial nude images from regular photos. The Deepnude Telegram Bot is recognized for its accuracy, speed, and ease of use, making it a tool of interest for many. 

However, it's important to note that the bot's image processing capabilities have sparked significant discussions and controversies due to potential misuse and privacy concerns. Despite these ethical considerations, SoulGen's Deepnude Telegram Bot continues to be a notable feature in the AI landscape, demonstrating the power and potential of AI in image editing and generation.

User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate Pricing may be expensive for some users 
Quickly generates high-quality images from text prompts in seconds Advanced customization options lacking
Versatile – can generate anime, realistic, and NSFW imagesGenerated images may sometimes lack accuracy or quality
 Cost and time efficient compared to manually creating images  

5. Remove Clothes Bot


As the name suggests, Remove Clothes Bot uses AI algorithms to undress individuals in images. It is important to remember that using these tools without consent is unethical and can have serious consequences.

Swift image processing.Restricted to images of women.
Easily accessible and simple to use.Potential for misuse and reputational damage.
Can generate convincingly nude images.
  • Price: Free of cost

6. DeepNude Now


DeepNude Now is an AI-powered Telegram bot that has garnered attention for its ability to generate fake nude images from clothed photos. This Deepnude Telegram Bot operates within the Telegram messaging app, utilizing advanced deep-learning techniques to create images that often appear convincingly real. The bot's interface is designed for ease of use, allowing users to quickly transform images with a simple command.

Despite its controversial nature, the Deepnude Telegram Bot emphasizes user privacy, claiming not to store any uploaded or processed images. It offers its services for free, making it accessible to a wide user base. However, the potential for misuse and ethical concerns surrounding the generation of non-consensual explicit content are significant issues associated with this technology.

Offers quick image transformation.Raises ethical and privacy concerns.
User-friendly interface.

DeepNude Now Pricing

DeepNude Now offers both free and paid subscription plans. The free plan has limited requests, watermarks on images, ads, and a slower regular queue for processing images.

The paid plans range from:

  • Premium: $9.99 per week or $19.99 per month for unlimited requests, no watermarks, no ads, and priority queue.
  • Exclusive: $14.99 per week or $24.99 per month with the additional benefit of a personal queue
  • Business: $29.99 per week or $59.99 per month which also includes parallel queuing, custom watermarks, and API access

The paid plans offer increasing levels of features, with the highest level Business plan costing $59.99 per month. All paid plans allow for unlimited requests.

7. Undress.love


Undress.love is an AI-powered Deepnude Telegram Bot that specializes in digitally removing clothing from images to generate fake nudes. It uses advanced deep learning algorithms to analyze and process images, creating a unique and controversial application of AI technology. The bot's interface is user-friendly, and it is known for generating convincingly nude images, depending on the quality of the original image. 

However, it's important to note that while “Undress.love” and similar bots have sparked interest due to their technological capabilities, they have also raised significant ethical and privacy concerns. The use of such technology can lead to various forms of exploitation, harassment, and abuse, with the potential to cause reputational damage. Therefore, it's crucial to use such tools responsibly and ethically.

Utilizes advanced AI technology.Raises significant ethical concerns.
Generates realistic nude images.Potential for misuse and abuse.
User-friendly interface.Raises serious privacy concerns.
Operates within privacy of Telegram.
High accuracy in deepfake technology.

Undress.love Pricing

Undress.love operates on a freemium subscription model with three paid plan options:

  • Basic Plan: $11.99/month
  • Standard Plan: $16.99/month
  • Pro Plan: $37.99/month 

8. ClothOff


ClothOff is a notorious bot that gained infamy for its ability to remove clothing from images, generating nude versions of people without their consent. It was initially developed as a Telegram bot called “Deepnude Telegram Bot,” which allowed users to upload images and receive nude versions in return. The bot quickly gained popularity, amassing millions of users before being shut down due to ethical concerns and legal issues surrounding the non-consensual generation of nude images.

Despite being taken down, ClothOff's code and concept have been replicated and adapted into various forms, leading to the emergence of similar bots and services. These bots often operate through websites or standalone applications, continuing to pose a threat to individuals' privacy and safety online.

Price: From $14/month to $23/month

Users can choose body types, ages, and other parameters to achieve the most realistic results.It has faced criticism for objectifying women and enabling non-consensual nude image creation.

ClothOff Pricing

  • Free to use.

9. Nudify.online

Nudify Online

The Deepnude Telegram Bot feature of Nudify.online provides users with a user-friendly platform to create deepfake content. By leveraging the power of AI, the bot can generate realistic images and videos that can be shared with others. This unique feature has contributed to the growing popularity of Nudify.online, making it a go-to destination for individuals seeking to experiment with deepfake technology in a safe and secure environment.

Nudify.online Pricing

Nudify.online offers a range of pricing options to cater to different user needs. While specific pricing details are not available in the search results, it is evident that the platform provides a user-friendly experience for those interested in deepfake technology.



Smexy, the Deepnude Telegram Bot, is a powerful tool that allows users to remove clothing from images with remarkable accuracy. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and process images, enabling users to create realistic nude versions of clothed individuals. The bot is easy to use, requiring only a few simple steps to generate results. Users simply need to send an image to the bot, and it will respond with a nude version of the image.

Smexy has gained popularity among users seeking to create artistic content, explore their creativity, or engage in adult entertainment. However, it is important to note that the bot should be used responsibly and with consent from the individuals depicted in the images. Additionally, users should be aware of the potential legal and ethical implications associated with using the bot, as it may violate privacy laws or copyright regulations in certain jurisdictions.

The search results did not provide specific pros for Smexy.The search results did not provide specific cons for Smexy.

Smexy Pricing

Several pricing plans to cater different users which are not publicly disclosed yet.

11.Seduced AI


Seduced AI, a groundbreaking AI-powered bot, has taken the internet by storm with its revolutionary Deep nude Telegram Bot” feature. This innovative tool empowers users to transform ordinary images into captivating works of art, adding a touch of allure and sensuality to their visual creations. With its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms, the Deep nude Telegram Bot” has become a popular choice among artists, photographers, and individuals seeking to explore their creative potential.

The Deepnude Telegram Bot” feature is designed to enhance images by adding realistic and aesthetically pleasing effects, such as enhancing facial features, smoothing skin textures, and adding subtle enhancements to the body. The bot's sophisticated algorithms analyze the input image and apply subtle adjustments to create a more visually appealing and captivating result. Whether you're a professional artist looking to add a touch of magic to your work or an individual seeking to explore your creative side, the “Deepnude Telegram Bot” offers a unique and engaging experience.

User-friendly interface.May be considered inappropriate for some audiences.
Realistic and aesthetically pleasing effects.Potential for misuse or abuse.
Enhances facial features and smooths skin textures.Limited customization options.
Adds subtle enhancements to the body.

Seduced AI Pricing

  • Pricing: Basic Plan – $0.33/day ($10/month), 
  • Pro Plan – $0.83/day ($25/month), 
  • Platinum Plan – $1.66/day ($50/month).

12.Nubee AI

Nubee AI

Nubee AI is a versatile and innovative bot designed to offer a range of functionalities to its users. One of its notable features is the “Deep nude Telegram Bot,” which utilizes advanced AI algorithms to generate realistic nude images from non-explicit inputs. This feature has garnered attention for its potential implications on privacy and digital ethics.

Nubee AI's Deep nude Telegram Bot has raised concerns about the misuse of such technology and has sparked discussions about the responsible development and deployment of AI-powered tools. While the bot showcases the remarkable capabilities of AI, it also underscores the importance of ethical considerations and regulatory frameworks in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.

Nubee AI's “Deep nude Telegram Bot” exemplifies the cutting-edge applications of AI in digital platforms, prompting reflections on its societal impact and ethical boundaries.

User-friendly interfaceRequires internet connection
High-quality image enhancementLimited to image enhancement
Quick processingPricing is not disclosed
Ease of use
Customizable profile

Nubee AI Pricing

Nubee AI offers flexible pricing options:

  • Free plan with limited features and usage.
  • Premium plan with advanced features and unlimited usage.

FAQ Deepnude Telegram Bots

Are deepnude Telegram bots legal?

The legality of deepnude Telegram bots varies from country to country. In some regions, their use may infringe upon privacy laws or be considered a violation of consent. Many countries have taken measures to ban or restrict the distribution and use of such bots in order to protect individuals' rights and prevent exploitation.

Can deepnude Telegram bots be used for non-exploitative purposes?

While the primary use of deepnude Telegram bots is controversial and raises serious ethical concerns, there may be potential non-exploitative applications for this technology. For instance, they could be used in the fashion industry for product catalogue shoots or virtual clothing try-ons.

What are the risks associated with deepnude Telegram bots?

One of the major risks associated with deepnude Telegram bots is the potential for non-consensual creation and distribution of explicit content. These bots can be exploited to create revenge porn or harass individuals. Additionally, their use undermines privacy and can lead to the objectification and degradation of individuals.

How can the misuse of deepnude Telegram bots be prevented?

Preventing the misuse of deepnude Telegram bots requires collective efforts from various entities. Social media platforms and messaging apps can implement strict content regulations and algorithms to detect and remove inappropriate content. Additionally, governments and legal authorities need to enforce strict laws and penalties against those who misuse this technology.

Are there any alternatives to deepnude Telegram bots?

Instead of engaging in the unethical use of deepnude Telegram bots, individuals can focus on promoting positive aspects of technology. Exploring creative applications, such as virtual reality or augmented reality for educational or entertainment purposes, can contribute to a healthier and more productive digital environment.


Deepnude Telegram Bots have gained popularity in recent times as they offer a unique and convenient way to create realistic and high-quality renditions of images. These bots utilize advanced deep-learning algorithms to remove clothing from photos while maintaining a natural and visually appealing result.

The positive aspect of these bots lies in their ability to assist artists, designers, and photographers in creating artistic pieces or exploring creative ideas. They provide a tool for digital manipulation and experimentation, allowing individuals to push the boundaries of traditional photography.

However, it is essential to use these bots responsibly and ethically, always respecting the privacy and consent of individuals involved. Ultimately, when used in a respectful and responsible manner, these Deepnude Telegram Bots can be a valuable asset to artists and creators in their digital endeavors.

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